Consciousness consulting hour (ENG)

14,50 incl. btw / maand

  • The first payment is made with a self-chosen payment method (e.g. iDeal). With this you agree to automatic collection. Subsequent monthly payments are then collected automatically.
  • If you want to cancel the subscription, you can do so under ‘Login / My courses’ at -subscriptions-. Cancellations will be stopped immediately with effect from the next monthly payment.

You are about to register for the English speaking Consciousness Consulting Hour. If you preference following it in Dutch, then register HERE.


Awaken to a new perspective of consciousness where peace, joy, wonder and fulfillment will be your new normal


  • Once a week a live online session with Vera where you can also ask questions through a chat function
  • Access to all pre-recorded and growing video material from the Vera Helleman Online series
  • Specially recorded exercises and awake meditations for integration into your daily life
  • Space to share your experiences with other members
  • Extended membership (5 new videos per month) costs €19.95 per month (cancellable at any time) (until 2024 €14,50)

Let Vera guide you to an awake and valuable life


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