Welcome to the online course ‘Effortlessly being yourSELF’

During this guidance program we are going on an adventure in our inner world and thereby in our outer world. Because what’s inside of us is also outside of us. On a daily basis you will get lessons with exercises in which we are going to use the world of form to find the way back home. What was a challenge in the beginning, will soon be a magical playground. You are not for nothing in this reality. 😉


The lessons

Every day a new lesson becomes available to you in the ‘learning environment’. You can reach it via the upper black menu of the website under the button: ‘login’

If  you are not logged in yet, you can do that via the upper black menu of the website under the button: ‘login / my accont’ with the username (or email) and password you made during your registration. Once logged in, you don’t have to do that again. You will have access to the lessons for three months.

Important! You will not receive the lessons in your mailbox! You will have to visit the course on our website.

Try to let go of having to accomplish something. Life will always be a journey without a goal in the end. If you focus on a goal, you will not reach ‘home’. But do stay in connection with the deeper longing to find yourSelf. The difference is that wanting to reach a goal is a mind thing, the longing of your goal is a heart thing. Be open to what comes without any expectations. Then the process will unfold itself in the most optimal and fastest way.



You can also join the Consciousness Consulting Hour with Vera and ask your personal questions there.

A current schedule of her other events can be found at: www.verahelleman.com/calendar/

We ask you not to ask your question via email of via the message option on Facebook.

For technical problems you can hit the 'help' button in the bottom left corner of this page.


Are you ready?

Let’s start…



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