Day 1 – Self inquiry


Today we’re going to make a start with our Self inquiry.

Every human being feels the pull of the Self. We’ve been programmed to feel the urge to seek ourSelf, which is the same as the search for Love and happiness. This is the true nature of Self. We are all searching for Love and for happiness. But because we perceive everything through the eyes of the human mind, through a human life story we search for happiness inside the story. Inside the world of time, space and form; and not by chance, it pushes us forwards. The urge to search has given us numerous experiences in this world. But true happiness can’t be found in the outside world, true happiness will only be found if you look from happiness itself. From within yourSelf.

It’s all about you finding your way back to yourSelf. To anchor in this Self, so that this new state of being can fill the rest of your life. Through yourSelf you can experience the world and give expression to yourSelf. Just being yourSelf! This is a revolutionary step in a human life because it means a step to the next level of consciousness. No longer in the three dimensional state where the fear and greed of the ego rules, but surpassing time, space and form to an enormous scope of experiences which unfold at your disposal, with you as the center from which everything originates in close harmony with the universe and everything in it. On this level of consciousness we will be able to access a much larger potential than we have ever dreamed of. Oneness is the obvious starting point. You’re probably feeling excited already. Very good! Let this yearning for home become your guide.

I assume that once you’ve enrolled in this e-course that you’re ready to take the step out of your ego controlled life to effortlessly BEING; completely in line with and in connection to yourself (as you can see in this video).



In this Self inquiry we’ll be addressing:

  • Who or what are we truly?
  • What holds us back in Being ourSelf? (What, are we not?)


This means that we’re going to address different layers in ourself, dissected into what we call ego, the identity, the personality and what, in this course we call the Self; yourSelf, your True nature.

This process of self-inquiry is called spiritual awakening. Awakening from the dream of who you thought you were, but you truly were not. Some people think this is a spontaneous awakening and that suddenly everything is peaceful and blissful. For some people this is the case but for the most of us it is a (sometimes) painful process of disintegration and detachment.

I’ve made the steps of this process visible in the figure underneath.

At the beginning you are totally asleep and unconsciously stuck in the identification with your personality and the life situations that you experience and your automatic reaction patterns.

At long last you know, feel and are fully awakened for Who you truly are. You have insight in and work together with the laws of this reality. In this process Consciousness will shine longer and more frequently in your life and even more illusions will be punctured; increasingly more ego structures will crumble.What you are not, is coming apart at the seams.
There is a tipping of the scales about half way in this process in which you become aware that you can no longer be unfaithful to yourself. However you are still living a life based on old ego structures. Habitual behavior patterns which once gave you a sense of safety no longer work. Maybe you’re there already or you haven’t yet come to terms with the most difficult personality identifications. This is the most difficult phase in the process because there are no longer any escape routes where you can choose for the safest and least painful road. This is where you will have to face your biggest fears and take steps outside your comfort zone. Luckily life starts to be a lot more fun once you’ve reached this turning point as the world around you begins to react to the changes within you. Everything resonates more and more with your true nature. You become visible in the world around you. Feelings of thankfulness, awe, love and joy become everyday experiences. Believe me; it’s worth it!

To find out Who you truly are, you will have to know who you are not. Once the dust has been blown off your soul you will become visible. In other words; if you don’t know who you are (not) you will be searching for love until the end of time. It is therefore necessary to investigate which barriers you have placed against love and to neutralize these so that Love can be freed. The path of self-inquiry is a path of detachment. Detaching yourself from the illusions of who you thought you were and what you thought you needed. That’s the reason why we’re starting with an intensive investigation on the nature of the ego. Once this mechanism is totally seen through you will no longer be stuck in the suffering mode and the separation which is part of it. You move to the position of the Self which is connected to the body and spirit; to everything.

Self inquiry covers these four areas so that consciousness can filter through all facets of life and you can reach spiritual maturity.

  • Your relationship with yourSelf
  • Your relationship with ’the other’
  • Your relationship with your physical body and what manifests
  • Your relationship and service to the field of Unity

In the following lessens we will begin with the relationship with yourSelf, from which everything originates.

Because this course came to you, I assume that you are ready to make the step from an ego-led life to effortlessly Being, in tune with, and connected to your true Self.

Everything which manifests in your life is in service to this process because it is the natural way back to yourself. Coincidence doesn’t exist (in no-thing). Are you ready to take a leap into the infinite mystery, and do you need some help with this, then life will give you teachers. Maybe this course will be your teacher for the coming period of time.





Once you signed up for this online course I assume you have heard or felt the call to home.

Maybe you have certain ideas about Self realisation, oneness and waking up from the dream which will help you on your path; a beautiful image, peace, love, luck. See if you can feel what this does inside you and answer the following question:

What will dissolve once you have reached this?

What would you be freed of if you ‘reach’ Self realisation? Not: how does your perfect image look like, but: of what would you be relieved if that image becomes reality?

Be 100% honest with yourself. Let the answer arise. You will probably be confronted with your primal fear. Don’t try and change it but observe it and let it be. For now you don’t have to do anything with it. Once it comes into your consciousness, and if it is the right moment it will start processing all by itself.

Write down the answer for yourself. We will come back to this later in the e-course. Don’t let yourself be tempted to write three pages of details about your problems. Write some keywords that indicate your experience of the story.

What I want to point out is that when you focus on the emotional value of this question for a moment, you may notice that your vision will focus inwards and scans your your thoughts, emotions, and possibly physical sensations of what it feels like. This form of “contemplation” is what we call: vigilance. The more you practice awareness, the easier you can remain vigilant and the faster you can get out of the ego mode.

So, back to the question:
What will dissolve once you have found‘’home’’?
What will be lost in simplicity?





Questions & Answers

But if everything will dissolve, will it be still possible for me to normally function in society?

Taking a moment to comtemplate your inner Self can rapidly lead you to the source of silence that you truly are. Some of you will immediately go beyond all insecurities of the ego and meet silence.

If you almost meet silence fear will rise because the ego will do anything to prevent you from fusing with silence. You don’t have to be afraid of silence, it is that inner peace that is always present that you are feeling. It’s just getting used to stepping out of this overload of stimuli. That doesn’t mean you cannot function anymore. The play of life in the world of time, form and space will remain. You just experience it differently.

It can be that you experience everything from a so called ‘zoomed-out’ position which makes it hard to, for example, make decisions for things you don’t see the use of anymore at this moment or even speak. This is just a temporary shock. It can be neccesary to help you stabilize in this new perspective. The more your system gets used to an increased level of consciousness and equally ascending energetic frequency the more it will integrate into your daily life. It will never be like ‘normal’, but it will be far more natural.

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