Efforlessly being yourSELF

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During this 60 day period you will be stimulated and supported in your Self-inquiry. A boost to the process back to yourself. You will receive an explanation, with text, with sound and never seen video material especially selected for e-course participants on how self-sabotage works and blocks you being Who you really are. You will be given a guide how to step out of this mode.
The only way back to yourSelf is 100% honest self-inquiry into that what sabotages you being yourSelf
You will get more insight into Who you really are, and about what is energetically being played out in the NOW. No longer ignoring this, is waking up from a dream. By doing exercises you will be stimulated to step over the threshold to live life from another perspective. Stepping out of an ego-led life to a life effortlessly being yourSelf. Surrendering to what your Self, by using this manifestation in the form of you, wanted to experience.

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