Weekly Warmth: Q&Emotion Live!

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To get monthly free access or watch a few replays simply open the 2023 example chapter below this page. For weekly access, please enroll this course.

"You are spot on! How amazing that you can feel that from those few words I tried to give it."

"Every time you give answer to the questions I had but didn't ask. So special"

Awaken to a new consciousness perspective where peace, joy, wonder and fulfillment will be your new normal


  • Every Friday at 9:00h Colorado time (UTC-6) there will be a live session with Vera in which you can ask her all your life questions through the chat or ask them in advance and watch back later.
  • Access to all pre-recorded and growing video material from the Consciousness consulting hour
  • Exercises and awake meditations for integration into your daily life
  • Room to share your experience with other members
  • 5 new videos per month €19,50 p/m (temporarily for €14,50 p/m) cancel anytime
  • During 2023 free accessible every second Friday of the month! 

Let Vera guide you towards an awake and valuable life


Below you will find access to all the videos (lessons). How do you get there?

  1. Click a year
  2. Then click on one of the dates, then the video that was recorded that day will appear
  3. If you want to participate live, be present on the next scheduled Friday and click on the relevant date
08:00hLos Angeles (UTC-7)
09:00hBoulder (UTC-6)
11:00hNew York (UTC-4)
16:00hLondon (UTC+1))
17:00hCape Town / Amsterdam (UTC+2)
20:30hNew Delhi (UTC+5:30)
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